Covid-19 Safety Measures and Policy

We look forward to welcoming our conference members and are committed to your health and safety while attending our event. The safety of our conference is a shared responsibility, and we ask all attendees to do their part to make the conference as safe as possible.

Covid-19 numbers have been steadily declining over the past few weeks. Nevertheless, we are aware that the risk of infection has not been eliminated and that there is a risk of exposure to Covid-19 at all events and public spaces, including the conference. Therefore, we have taken manifold precautions.

By attending the conference, you acknowledge this inherent risk and confirm, as a condition of attending the conference, that you will comply with the following instructions:

Do not attend the conference if

  • you have typical COVID-19 symptoms,
  • you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last seven days,
  • you cannot meet the Covid-19 travel requirements of Germany,
  • you are under a self-quarantine order.

On-site Safety Measurements

Self-test kits

Upon arrival at the front desk, you will receive three self-test kits. Please test yourself daily, especially before the conference begins to prevent any spread of COVID-19 throughout the ELM community.

Medical masks

They are available for you at the help desk. Please wear those or your own masks (medical or FFP2) whenever you move around the conference venue, except while eating or drinking during the breaks and social sessions. Masks are not mandatory in the seats. Please decide for yourself if you want to wear mask at the seat.

Hand sanitizer

We will have hand washing facilities and sanitizing systems easily accessible to everyone throughout the event.

No-contact policy

To assist in minimizing potential physical contact, elbow or fist bumps are a great alternative to handshakes and hugs.

Social distance

For coffee breaks and meals, we will set up tables in the auditorium as well as outside in front of the auditorium. Please use both locations for socializing and be mindful to keep your distance from the people you are talking to and not stand so close to each other.

In case of a positive test

If you test positive for COVID-19 during the event, please behave responsibly, discontinue your participation, and withdraw from the conference venue immediately. If you need assistance, contact the EML conference team. We will be pleased to provide up-to-date information, advice and help regarding the current regulations in Germany, accessing medical advice, further tests as needed, etc.

If you notice symptoms (such as fever, a dry cough, fatigue, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, etc.), we encourage you to additional testing at public test stations and seek medical care.

Professional Test stations

Test stations can be found at many convenient locations throughout Saarbrücken and on Saarland University Campus.

Citizen Test Center at Saarland University

These free tests are conducted on behalf of the public health service and are open to all citizens. For this purpose, it is absolutely necessary to book an appointment. Please bring your identity card or passport with you to verify your identity.

Where to find: Campus, Building A3 3 (right next to the auditorium), 66123 Saarbrücken
For booking your test, go to:

Test Centers in the Saarbrücken city center

Information on Covid and travel regulations

For information on COVID measures and travel restrictions in effect in European countries, please visit the following websites: and These websites also provide information on what personal information and documents you need to bring with you for your trip.

After all the virtual events, we are very happy to welcome you personally at our conference in Saarbrücken.